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Jul 05 The Greek Exodus in One Chart  VisualCapitalist   
Jul 05 Forget Drachmas Greece Syriza Government Could Instruct CB to Print Euros  Nadeem Walayat   
Jul 04 Why The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Is Such A Huge Threat To The US Financial System  ECB   
Jul 04 What If You Had An Italian Bank Account? Or A Portuguese Bond?  DC   
Jul 03 Gold Stocks: Volume Surge Analysis  Morris Hubbartt 321gold   
Jul 03 Fed's Full Normalization  Adam Hamilton 321gold   
Jul 03 Gold ownership as a lifestyle decision  USAgold   
Jul 03 Ritholtz on Gold  BIIWII   
Jul 03 The Black Swan Circling Puerto Rico - Its Bond Insurers Are Stuffed w/Toxic Derivatives  DSCC   
Jul 02 FYI Canada Day & 4th July Holiday Schedule  321gold   
Jul 02 Gold Stocks Break Below 2008 Low  Przemyslaw Radomski 321gold   
Jul 02 The “Inflation” Turnaround  Steve Saville 321gold   
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Jun 24 Arianne Phosphate Recovers  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Jun 23 Defiance Silver, a call on Silver  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Jun 05 Great Quest on a Great Quest  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
May 30 BitGold Explained  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
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Jun 22 SKI #155 Gold Stock Update Jeff Kern 321gold
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Jul 03 HOT COTs CFTC Commitment of Traders Reports  Gold  Silver  Plat
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Jul 03 Novo [web] Arranges $1.29-million private placement  StockWatch   
Jul 02 Standard Tolling [web] Closes Final Tranche Ore Purchase Financing  TON   
Jul 01 Quantum Energy [web] LINE & LNCO Undervalued With Catalysts To Come  Barron's   
Jun 30 Arianne [web] Reduces phosphate concentrate production cost  DAN   
Jun 30 Red Eagle [web] Commences Offer to Acquire CB Gold  RD   
Jun 25 Defiance [web] 12,088,100-share private placement  StockWatch   
Jun 24 Novo [web] High-Grade 3kg LeachWell Results...  NVO   
Jun 23 West Kirkland [web] Update on Hasbrouck Project  WKM   
Jun 23 Defiance [web] New Sponsor, Welcome  DEF   
Jun 22 Great Quest [web] Announces AGM Results  GQ   
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Jul 05 Central Bank of Central Banks Says “The World is Unable to Fight Next Global Crash”  SHTFplan   
Jul 05 Top 4 employment sectors in the United States pay $10 an hour or less  MB360   
Jul 04 Icahn warns market is ‘extremely overheated’  MW   
Jul 04 An Inadvertent Warning From BlackRock - Get Out Of Mutual Funds ASAP  DSCC   
Jul 03 Is the Chinese stock market bubble finally bursting?  MB360   
Jul 03 USD; Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Conclusions  NFTRH   
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BEARS: The One-Stop Shop for The Bear Case PrudentBear
BEARS: Daily Market Wrap Up FSO
The Forever WarCost of War      

   Jul 05 Israeli diplomat in Berlin: Maintaining German guilt about Holocaust helps Israel  TUT   
   Jul 04 Israeli War Crimes? Who, Us??  CounterPunch   
   Jul 03 Palestine, Israel and the Sea  CounterPunch   
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Jul 05 The Spice Trade’s Forgotten Island  NationalGeographic   
Jul 04 Russia: Free sheep for large families in Siberia  BBC   
Jul 03 A certified pilot turned Instagram star took these stunning aerial photos around the world  BI   
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