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Apr 23 Gold Market Update  CliveMaund   
Apr 23 Junior Gold Report: Quantum Energy Inc.  Kal Kotecha 321gold   pdf
Apr 23 Gold Looks Ugly, but the Dollar Looks Uglier  acting-man   
Apr 23 Pressí anti-gold scare tactics largely ineffective  USAgold   
Apr 23 Silver Up & S&P Down  DI   
Apr 22 Now Drilling for Oil in Texas  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Apr 22 Gold, Banks, & Interest Rates  Stewart Thomson 321gold   
Apr 22 What Do Janet Yellen & Yuri Geller Have in Common?  Bonner&Partners   
Apr 22 Gold vs the CRB Commodity Index  GoldBroker   
Apr 22 CoT Ė Gold, Silver, Commodities & T Notes  BIIWII   
Apr 21 Leverage to Gold in Mexico  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Apr 21 This past week in gold  Jack Chan 321gold   
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Apr 17 Coup in Nevada  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Apr 16 Umbral wants to Sell Grass  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Apr 15 Arizona Copper Alternatives  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Apr 14 Striking Gold in the Bakken  Bob Moriarty 321energy   
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Apr 21 SKI #136 Gold Stock Update Jeff Kern 321gold
Apr 22 DAILY METALS REPORT Nell Sloane 321gold
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$$$ Fed Temp Bank Reserves added today 321gold   
$$$ The US National Debt  ...to the Penny PublicDebt   
Apr 18 HOT COTs CFTC Commitment of Traders Reports  Gold  Silver  Plat
Japan TOCOM Prices & Trading Volume tocom.or.jp
CHARTS --> Monthly gold prices since 1971 in various currencies WGC
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Apr 23 Pilot Gold [web] Reports 21.3 g/t gold over 29.0 metres at Western Flank, Kinsley Mountain  PLG   
Apr 22 TheraLASE [web] Accepted at International Conference  Yahoo!   
Apr 22 Almaden Minerals Ltd. (AMM - TSX - $1.49; Target $3.50; SPECULATIVE BUY)  Salman   
Apr 18 Almaden [web] CEO Morgan Poloquin reports on the Ixtaca gold/silver project's newly released PEA  RSD   
Apr 17 Arianne [web] Completes sale of non-core assets  DAN   
Apr 17 Quantum Energy [web] New Sponsor, Welcome  QEGY   
Apr 16 Almaden [web] Announces Positive PEA - Ixtaca Gold-Silver Deposit, Mexico  AMM   
Apr 16 Desert Star [web] New Sponsor, Welcome  DSR   
Apr 16 TrueGold [web] Provides notice of AGM and grant of options  TGM   
Apr 16 Pilot Gold [web] Announces Annual and Special Meeting...  PLG   
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Apr 23 The Federal Reserve's Two Legged Stool  HussmanFunds   
Apr 23 Actually Fixing Our Economy  MT   
Apr 22 A Ramble on PR  BruceKrasting   
Apr 22 Government Dependence Reaches Epidemic Levels  ETFD   
Apr 21 Two More Victims Of The Retail Apocalypse: Family Dollar And Coldwater Creek  TECB   
Apr 21 The Fedís Childishly NaÔve Theory of Credit  acting-man   
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BEARS: The Daily Reckoning TDR
BEARS: The One-Stop Shop for The Bear Case PrudentBear
BEARS: Daily Market Wrap Up FSO
The Forever WarCost of War      

   Apr 23 BBC in the service of Israeli propaganda  IP   
   Apr 22 Bob Carr's texts to Gillard reveal 'extraordinary' influence pro-Israel lobby had on former PM  SMH   
   Apr 21 New Price Tag Attack Demands Muslims Vacate Dome of Rock in Order to Rebuild Temple  RS   
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Apr 23 The Island Of Drunk Monkeys  ATII   
Apr 22 OT: An Emissary from the Parliament of Crows  acting-man   
Apr 21 'World's most haunted island' up for auction  Telegraph   
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"The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded."
-French political philosopher C. L. De Montesquieu (1689-1755)

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