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Oct 23 Irving Delivers, Market Yawns  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Oct 23 U.S. Shale’s Glory Days Are Numbered  OilPrice   
Oct 22 Golden Triangle has a New Kid on the High-Grade-Gold Block  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Oct 22 Gold Would Not Enjoy That FOMC Is Going More Restrictive  Arkadiusz Sieron 321gold   
Oct 22 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan 321gold   
Oct 21 Has China finally lifted its thumb off gold?  LR   
Oct 21 How Gibson’s paradox has been buried  Alasdair Macleod GoldMoney   
Oct 21 Gold Is Becoming Cool Again  DC   
Oct 20 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen 321gold   
Oct 20 The Outlook For Gold  TA   
Oct 20 Checking Gold Stocks Valuations  TDG   
Oct 19 Gold-Stock Sentiment Shifting  Adam Hamilton 321gold   
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Oct 17 Well Completions Begin at Amazing Energy  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Oct 17 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty 321gold   < - - -
Oct 12 A Crash but Maybe Not The Crash  Bob Moriarty 321gold   
Oct 08 From the Geopolitical to the Geological  Bob Moriarty PAP   
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Oct 15 SKI #210 Gold Stock Update Jeff Kern 321gold
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$$$ Fed Temp Bank Reserves added today 321gold   
$$$ The US National Debt  ...to the Penny PublicDebt   
Oct 19 HOT COTs CFTC Commitment of Traders Reports  Gold  Silver  Plat
Japan TOCOM Prices & Trading Volume tocom.or.jp
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Oct 22 Benchmark Metals [web] Makes Two New Discoveries and Awaits Assay Results  Yahoo!   
Oct 22 American Pacific [web] Issues Corporate Update  USGD   
Oct 21 Aben [web] Ellis Martin Report with James Pettit  YouTube   
Oct 21 Aben [web] Reveals Year-Round Plan to Maintain Momentum  PAP   
Oct 21 Allegiant Gold [web] Completes drilling at Red Hills, starts drilling Hughes Canyon, expands Eastside  CaesarsReport   
Oct 19 Irving [web] Samples High-Grade Float at its Omu Gold-Silver Project  IRV   
Oct 19 Pacton Gold [web] Expands the Gold Nugget Discovery Potential at its South Egina Project  PAC   
Oct 19 Novo [web] Announces DTC Eligibility  NVO   
Oct 19 Eskay [web] Announces Completion of 2018 Drill Program at SIB  ESK   
Oct 18 Benchmark Metals [web] Discovers a Trove of Unsampled Historic Drill Core  BNCH   
Oct 18 Torchlight Energy [web] Closes on $6,000,000 Financing and Provides Operational Update  TRCH   
Oct 18 Aben [web] Excellent results with much more news to come  CI   
Oct 18 Benchmark Metals [web] New Sponsor, Welcome  BNCH   
Oct 17 Black Tusk Resources Let The Games Begin  Kevin Dougan 321gold   
Oct 17 Pacton Gold [web] Enters Into Strategic Processing Alliance With Artemis  PAC   
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Oct 23 Implosion of Stock Market Double-Bubble in China Hits New Lows  WS   
Oct 23 Beware the 'real killer' in markets that's threatening to strike after decades in hiding  BI   
Oct 22 The last days of Theranos — the financials were as overhyped as the blood tests  MW   
Oct 22 Homebuilders Indeed Looking Ugly Here  IWB   
Oct 21 The Coming Inflation Threat: The Worst Of Both Worlds  PP   
Oct 21 How the Ballooning Budget Deficit Could Affect Your Retirement  IWB   
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The Forever WarCost of War      

   Oct 23 Ron Unz Demolishes the ADL, Exposes Them as Unscrupulous Enforcers of Jewish, Israeli Power  RI   
   Oct 22 Pandering to Israel Time to cut the tie that binds  UNZ   
   Oct 21 Israel to Expand Settlement in Hebron, First Time in 16 Years  AW   
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Oct 23 Top 10 Recent Riddles And Revelations From Ancient Egypt  LV   
Oct 22 Pompeii's charcoal graffiti may rewrite history  CNN   
Oct 21 Rare Viking Ship Burial Found in Norway   SmithsonianMag   
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